Educational Play Equipment

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Balance Beam - With a Twist

Balance beam easy to change angles

Optional Step up module and beam extension modules available.


Macrocarpa and Marine Ply

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use


3 piece Balance beam $362

Optional Step Up $67

Extension Beam Module $125

Balance Scales

Play based Science and Maths covering weight and mass.

Imagination and discovery.


Macrocarpa and Marine Ply

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use


Comes complete with 2 baskets $196

(As per Picture)

Rocker Step

Rocker for up to 4 littlies (2 a side) or flip over and a set of steps up and down to learn balance, stability & team-work

Materials                                                                 Pricing

Macrocarpa and Marine Ply                                                    1 Unit $295

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use                                         (As per Picture)

Tee Pee

Hexagonal - Cable tied joints for ease of disassembly.

Materials                                                               Pricing

Macrocarpa                                                                             1 Unit $385

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Ball Maze (Pivot)

rock from side to side - comes complete with 4 solid rubber balls

Materials                                                     Pricing

Untreated Ply & PVC                                                  1 Unit $297

Suitable for indoor use                                              (As per Picture)


Marine Ply

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Sway Board

 1m x 280mm curved laminated Marine ply coated with raw linseed oil


1 Unit $118

(As per Picture)

The Apprentice Work Bench

Kids Work Bench

Complete with Hammer, Saw, Measuring Tape, Real Wood Vice, and Under-bench Wood Box.


Exterior Marine Ply & Pine

Suitable for indoor / outdoor use

Sealed with coat of raw linseed oil


1 Unit $563

(indicative of picture)

(As per Picture)

The Wobbler

Encourages and Develops Core Strength, Connective tissue, Balance and Stability along with Confidence


Interior Ply & Pine

Suitable for indoor

Sealed with coat of raw linseed oil


Version 1 - $68

Version 2 - $123

(Includes ball)

Wheel Barrow

Tough little unit! Capable of taking teacher for a ride. (Up to 50Kg)


Macrocarpa with a steel bearing wheel

Coated with raw linseed oil

Indoor / Outdoor Use


Per Barrow - $195

Crib - Antique Style

"Dramatic play is one of the most important things a child does to make sense of the world around them. Among numerous other benefits, it encourages communication and articulation of wishes and perspective and it is a safe place for a child to participate in group play. Under 5's are known for acting with impulse, so dramatic play is a great stepping stone for learning to self-regulate their emotions and actions.


There is nothing worse than having the equipment in the dramatic play area collapse as children try to utilise it themselves.  Cribs are always made for dolls.  Toddlers don't understand this and want to use them themselves, and this crib allows them full participation and depth in their play.  They can 'be' the baby, instead of the doll being the baby, and they can, when their role is Mum or Dad or Gran can care for a real baby.   This solidly constructed retro babies crib will be a beautiful centerpiece to your family corner."


Interior ply, Complete with a 35mm Wipeable Covered foam mattress

3 coat polyurethane finish

Indoor Use


each - $485

Modular Construction Blocks

Loaded with STEM learning opportunities, this modular construction set will have tamariki playing and concentrating for extended periods of time as they explore cause and effect, balance and engineering.


These wonderful additions to your construction corner or loose parts play are made from 18mm Marine ply

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


24 Piece Set - $879 

Folding House

1.5m Square x 1.2m to the ridge - add your own features to suit the occasion

Roof panels unlock frame to fold away.

No tools required for set up or break down.

Adult set up only


Exterior Treated Timber and Marine Ply

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


House frame and roof interlock - $886 

Whare-facade (optional extra) - $124

Kids Castle

Mezze floor with den under.


Untreated Ply & Pine

Suitable for indoor use


1 Unit $1985

(indicative of picture)

Can be made any shape or to any size, ladder and slide entry can be altered to suit.

Out Door Kitchen

Oven - Double 620x450x300

Kitchen Bench -620x800x300

Fridge - 900x600x400 (Photos to come)

Microwave - 260x450x300


Marine Ply , Perspex,  Alloy handles 


Oven $468

Kitchen Bench - $369

Fridge (Double Door) - $564

Microwave - $272

Change Table

(Not a toy)


Can be made to suit any mattress size


Untreated Ply - 3 Coat Polyurethane


Change Table - $357

Mattress - $45

Project Wood - Untreated

Great for kids projects and play

Different Sizes and shapes

Banana Box


Untreated Mixed Wood


Per Box $15

(Not included for Free Freight Offer unless with other purchases)

Mini Crib

300 x 400


Meranti Bed ends

Raw linseed oil


Each $45

Push Chair

Pine - Raw linseed oil

Light Canvas - Wipeable & removable.

Steel Axle - Nylon bushed marine ply wheels


$89 (Doll not included)

$64 - Frame Only (No Sling)

Saddle Table

A dining / play experience designed with 3 to 6 year olds in mind. Seating for 6 and offering flexibility for indoor outdoor applications.

Seating heights can be manufactured to suit, standard comes, side pair 200mm to top with the centre pair 50mm lower for a taller child.

This layout gives the ability for all 6 seats to be accessed individually.


Macrocarpa Table Top - Marine Ply Seats - Treated Frame for longevity.

Marine Glued and Galv Screwed



Mini Balance Beam

Adjustable and expandable - Awesome balance and coordination for the smaller kids


Macrocarpa with Galvanized Screws and stained with Raw Linseed Oil


$221.30 (​3 beams and 4 stands)

$76 (Extension Pack - 1 Beam & 1 Stand)

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